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    DN 350 - DN 800 (14” - 32”)
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    Bi-directional tight
    and cutting edge shut-off

Knife gate valve MP

Stafsjö’s knife gate valve MP has a full bore and seal tight up to the full pressure rating of the valve independent of pressure direction. It has a preferred pressure direction and a special cutting shut-off design, which makes it suitable for several applications and media such as pulp, sludge, biomass, powder and other solid materials.​

The MP valve comes with a valve body in stainless steel, which is strengthened with gate supports in order to be able to cope with bi-directional pressures. On one side of the gate it has the retainer ring system and on the other side it has gate supports precisely located in the bore.

The MP valve is available in size ranging from DN 350 up to DN 800 (14” to 32”).

Futher information is available in the product data sheet.



Reliable bi-directional sealing

The bevel edge gate effectively cuts through different media. The seat is located on one side of the bore and a gate support and casted gate support cams on the other side, which gives a reliable bi-directional sealing. 

Low life cycle costs

The MP comes with few parts to maintain and the ones that exist can easily be exchanged to new ones. For example, Stafsjö’s retainer ring that hold the seat in place is locked with screws just as the gate support is, making the parts extremely easy to change if needed. 

Modular and solid top works

A solid top works ensures gate alignment during operation. Low operation force is achieved with minimal friction, due to tight tolerances. The modular design makes it easy to supply or change to required actuator and accessory.

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